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Sunrise with Birdsong

Benefits of Affiliation

Once your enrollment with our program is completed – the choices and options are limitless. We understand how unique beings deserve unique commemorations, and we are here to serve.

So please, if you do not see what you want in your memorial plans, please reach out to us and we will accommodate your needs.
Every tree planting service comes with the exact GPS location of your tree, along with photos of it or it being planted. You also have the option to come and plant your sapling with us, participating in the exact locating, fertilization and ceremonial placement of your tree. Of course, not everyone is able to come to Costa Rica, so you can also choose to leave all the details to us and we will send you photos and the exact GPS location. We are happy to recite any special words, poems or prayers at the tree planting or cremains interment that you indicate.

Two of the powerfully unique offerings of Earth’s Embrace is the web space that is available with your program affiliation, and the locally sourced certified organic engravable urn options. We offer a private web space where you can post images, art, words and videos of your treasured reason for planting the tree — celebrating the special event or life of the being whose cremains are placed in the forest at your chosen tree.

We also offer a variety of customizable ceremonies and prayers with tree plantings and the burial of the ashes, from natural Earth reverence to specific spirituality or religious-based offerings. We are in contact with clergy of various religions and they are available to participate in these ceremonies if requested. We also offer the option of guiding your visit to Costa Rica to plant the tree or bury the ashes with your own family and friends present, and creating your own tour experience around the process. We know of many off the beaten track wonderful places to visit while you are here. Just ask.


Our greenhouse is full of saplings of a variety of local species ready to plant now. These tree species are specifically chosen for the flowers and food they provide the abundant resident wildlife, as well as their hardiness and acclamation to our 2100 feet high tropical rainforest preserve. Plant a tree now because you enjoy the rainforest and want to support the planet by planting trees.

I love trees planting fee is $108

Plant a tree now, for your cremains later. This option will support all life now by creating oxygen for your enjoyment now, and be ready to receive your cremains when the time comes. This fee of $899 covers the tree planting and will also assure that only you and your chosen associates will be able to place their cremains at your dedicated tree.

PLANT A COMMEMORATIVE TREE This is a fantastic way to forever memorialize and honor events in your family’s life, from Births, Graduations, and Marriages, to the passage of beloved animal companions, and so much more. This tree planting option can be with private dedicated webspace or without, you choose. The webspace offers you the opportunity to place digital images and other memories of the special event for all to see, from wherever they are on the planet. Plant commemorative tree now. $399
with web space


Earths’ Embrace has designated three beautiful areas of our nearly 200-acre nature reserve nestled near a national park in the mountains of Costa Rica, Central America. The entire rainforest has been damaged by recent hurricanes, making it more accessible by foot, and consequently more in need of our supportive restorative actions.

These remaining old growth trees are lovingly awaiting your cremains, offering support to their continued carbon sequestration and overall life in this private rainforest reserve. Once you decide upon an area of the farm, you are invited to join us to hike the area, and choose the tree that calls to you. At the choosing of the tree we will offer some organic composted fertilizer to the tree now, take a GPS reading of the location and photograph it for you. If you are unable to join us, we will happily seek out a tree that meets your needs and share the location and images with you.

Once you or your loved one passes on, we will return to this chosen tree and offer the ceremonial prayers of your choosing and place the cremains in one of our organic urns, or pH balance and directly place the ashes in the soil at the foot of your tree.

Reserve a tree now.  $999

Tranquil Morning on the Reserve

Choose your Forest Garden Location

Sunrise Ridge
Sunrise Ridge is a zone on the top of a hill at the Northeast edge of the farm. It is the place where the first-morning sunrays kiss the trees, sparking off a natural concert of birdsong amid a splendid display of colors and lights. Sunrise Ridge is populated by a large howler monkey family, countless parrots, toucans and orchids nestled amidst the huge trees and vines, thus providing visual and auditory joy for the Reserve residents and all its visitors.

Volcano View Grove
This spectacular zone is located on the Southwest border of the farm, and boasts its own distinct access road. Nestled at the forest edge, this zone offers unparalleled vistas of Miravalles Volcano and the green valley between the Volcano and the Earth’s Embrace Nature Preserve. It is an area frequented by colorful songbirds and butterflies and offers a view everyone enjoys.

Sunset Way
The grove on Sunset Way catches the final rays of sun on our rainforest preserve. It is the zone that releases the last of the daytime symphony of birds and forest life and enjoys the start of the nocturnal concert punctuated by the calls of the howler monkeys and Eagles looking for a bedtime snack.


Our locally grown organic urns are so unique that it may be hard to choose. We offer exclusive urns of cacao pods or gourds both grown on our organic farm. Ideal for chocolate lovers, we offer to place the cremains (ashes) in the pod from the cacao (the plant that chocolate is made from). After removing the seed contents we will place the ashes inside the pod, then sew the sides back together with a natural reed/grass. With our over 4,000 cacao trees on site, we are continually harvesting and preparing pods for use. It is also possible to carve on these pods, yet with the uneven surface, it can be a bit more challenging than the Jicaro gourd option.

Our second option is a Jicaro gourd from the trees we have growing on the farm. We will make a small hole it the gourd, clean out the contents, and fill with the ashes you provide and then seal it with a corncob plug. This special option allows the living family and loved ones to make carvings on the gourd before it is buried at the chosen tree. If you are unable to attend, we will gladly inscribe the gourd with your chosen words prior to the interment. Our third option is to pH balance and directly place the ashes into a hole dug near the base of your chosen tree. If you have other ideas or have already purchased other biodegradable urns, just let us know. We are happy to work with you to make this experience one that serves you and the memories of your loved one best.


We at Earth’s Embrace are happy to guide you through this difficult time. Some people want full involvement and others just want all things taken care of for the interment process. If you choose to come to Costa Rica and participate in the event, we are happy to advise you throughout the process, from recommending flights, lodging, and tours, to the details of the interment itself. Together we can plan the words and actions to make the interment ceremony one that meets your needs while honoring the being who has transitioned. We also have access to a variety of Spiritual & Clergy professionals, and we are happy to invite them to coordinate with us to perform your special ceremony. You may also elect to have your own family or personal spiritual mentor come with you and perform any rites or ceremonies that you choose. And, yes, it is perfectly legal to fly and go through customs with human or animal ash remains.

It is also completely legal to ship ash remains via traditional shipping companies. We work with a respected funeral home near the capital of Costa Rica to coordinate cremation (if needed) and ash shipping details. We can work with you to plan an interment with or without your presence. If you are unable to attend, we can make a video of your exclusive interment and email it to you – you can choose to post it to the dedicated webspace or not, it’s all up to you!