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We here at Earth’s Embrace are delighted to offer three unique areas of Pristine Primary Rainforest, in Costa Rica, for the ecological interment of cremains (Crematory remains) on our 200 Acre Rainforest Preserve and Certified Organic Farm.

With our variety of tree options and natural urns of gourds and cacao pods grown on our organic farm, you can rest assured that your final remains will return to the Earth in a definitive life affirming way. Supporting the rainforest and all its residents with your final earthly remains, this choice is a clear winner for you and so many living beings.

This service is available for all residents of Earth, humans and beloved animals. You can reserve space below an existing rainforest tree, or support the Earth further by planting a new tree now — so it grows while you live, fostering the abundant rainforest flora and fauna, converting carbon dioxide to oxygen for your breath, and is ready to receive your remains once you are gone.

We place no limits on the reasons to plant these trees, from the pure joy of planting a tree in the tropical rainforest, to commemoration of a special event such as a birth, graduation or matrimony, to serving as a final resting place for you, your family members or your beloved animal friends. Each tree planting service comes with optional web space to post images, videos and more of your sacred desire to plant the tree in the first place.

As Costa Rica, famous for its environmental policies, is literally located on a land bridge between two continents, we delight in acknowledging that our services also celebrate life on a bridge between two worlds.

Why this is an important consideration...

The current death care industry is very costly both financially and environmentally, leaving it unsustainable in countless ways. In just the USA alone in one year of operations, this industry consumes 77,000 trees or 20 million board feet in caskets, 4.3 million gallons of toxic embalming fluid, 1.6 million tons of reinforced concrete and untold amounts of water and chemicals in lawn maintenance. Earth’s Embrace offers a completely green life-affirming alternative to those traditional funeral industry practices, allowing your final physical remains to be interred in organic, locally sourced natural urns and buried at the base of a new or old rainforest tree—supplying life force boosting support to the rainforest’s abundance. We here at Earth’s Embrace are committed to supporting our planet and community by offering and educating on numerous ecologically green and sustainable ways of living, from the demonstration organic farm and nature preserve to this innovative bio-sanctuary crematory remains interment program. With the ideas of life-affirming, planet supporting, ecological and economical being an essential part of our organizational operations, the offering of this service brings us joy. It touches all those tenets we hold so dear, while also expanding the air purifying abilities of the rainforest.